The dancers of Jax Contra Dance are asked to maintain the following etiquette:

  • At contra dances, we pride ourselves on maintaining a culture of consent.  As such, we avoid tightly gripping hands during moves, most of which are thumb-free, so that if any partner needs to break away for any reason at all, they can.


  • When doing embellishments and choosing the speed of turns and swings, we respect the comfort level of our partners. Our dancers are of many different ages and levels of physical abilities.


  • Dancers are encouraged to change partners between dances.  If you are experienced,  be sure to ask someone who might be new to contra or just new to the Jacksonville Contra Dance.


  • When the caller is teaching the dance, please give your undivided attention and do not carry on conversations with other dancers during this time.


  • If you are sick,  don’t come.  You will be making contact with everyone in the room.  We’d love to see you next time when you are feeling better.


  • Keeping clean and dry can be a challenge when dancing.  As a courtesy to your fellow dancers, consider packing a hand towel, fresh shirts, breath mints, deodorant.


  • Avoid fragrances, including strong-scented deodorants.  Many people are allergic and/or just generally find it offensive.


  • While we welcome all ages, we ask for excellent supervision of younger children who may or may not be participating in the dance, to prevent injury to them as well as others.


  • Contra dances are alcohol and drug free.